Basic Egg & Flour Pasta Dough Recipe

Updated: Sep 27

I was asked to share my recipe for the egg pasta we made today the our Pasta Party Lunch launch.

WARNING: Fresh pasta is addictive. Also, you will get flour everywhere! The below recipe is for 1 person. Scale accordingly.

Special Equipment:

1 Pasta Machine

1-2 broom handles (to hang the pasta)


100gr plain white flour (more for kneading and rolling)

1 egg

Option: a little water


  1. Pour a glass of wine.

  2. On a kitchen surface, pile the flour into a mound. Make a well in the centre of the mound.

  3. In a small bowl, beat the egg with a fork until blended.

  4. Pour the egg mixture slowly into the well and mix the egg and flour together with a fork until the egg has been absorbed by the flour.

  5. Knead the dough for about 5 mins (longer if you like). Remember, the dough is meant to be stiff, there is normally no need to add extra liquid.

  6. Take a sip of wine. This is an essential step.

  7. Rest the dough for 30-60 mins in the refrigerator, this allows the gluten to relax (kneading is hard work) and ensures the flour is completely absorbed. Use this time to tidy up, set up the pasta machine and set up the broom handles between two chairs.

  8. Put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine.

  9. Take out a ball of dough, cut into quarters (if making dough for more than one person) and knead each briefly to warm up.

  10. Set the machine to 7 (or whatever the widest setting on the knob is) and roll your piece of dough through a couple of times. Fold in half or lengthways if required and re-roll.

  11. Change the knob to 5, roll it through and then to 2. You should have a smooth length of dough. You can cut this up and keep it as lasagne sheets or hang it over the broom handles temporarily.

  12. Roll the other pieces of dough through. Then mount the fettuccine/spaghetti cutter to the pasta machine.

  13. More wine required now!

  14. Take each sheet of pasta and roll it through either the fettuccine/spaghetti cutter, hang each batch back on the broom handles.

  15. Once all the pasta is made, you have 4 options:

Option 1: Cook it

Option 2: Store it in the fridge for use within 2 days

Option 3: Freeze it for later

Option 4: Air dry