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Google “Strozzapreti” and you will find a myriad of stories about history of this pasta. Essentially, it is translated as “priest choker”, or “priest strangler” and how the name originated is widely debated and everyone seems to have a story. Regardless, this is a fun past to make, great with a group of friends twisting together and having a chat with some wine.

The dough we made gives the pasta a slightly chewy and nutty flavour and goes well with a pesto sauce.

Special Equipment:


Plain Flour (“00”) g 200

Bread crumbs (fine) g 50

Egg White g 75 (about 2 eggs)

Water g 65

Makes 2 serves.



  • In a bowl or bench top, place the flour and bread crumbs, make a well in the centre.

  • Mix whites and water in the middle and start adding the flour a little at time, mixing with a fork.

  • Once it resembles breadcrumbs, start combining it into a ball and knead for approx 10 minutes.

  • Wrap it in plastic and let it rest for about 30 minutes.

  • Roll the dough thick (thickness 3 setting on your pasta machine).

  • Flour the dough well and fold in half, in half and in half again. With a sharp knife, cut stripes about1 cm thick.

  • Unfold and then roll them between your hands. Here is a great YouTube video on how to do this. Make sure there are a few of you standing around drinking wine while you do this, it's much more fun when the experience is shared.

  • With the pasta, you can cook it immediately, freeze or let dry.

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